Voortgezet onderwijs (VO)

Wolfert RISS

Our Vision
Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world.
Our Mission
Our mission is for every student to enjoy their youth.
We do this by providing innovative approaches to learning, by encouraging achievement, by fostering international mindedness with local and global engagement, by modelling ethical behaviour and by acting respectfully and with honesty.
Our Core Values
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationships
  • Courage
RISS holds a unique position both within The Netherlands and Rotterdam's Wolfert school group. We are a state subsidised semi-private school and a provider of excellent international education, as recognised by our recent CIS/NEASC and IB re-accreditation and re-evaluation visits.

RISS serves the growing need Rotterdam has for quality education serving foreign nationals and returning Dutch citizens, one that is not based on exclusivity or privilege.
While many schools claim to be international simply because of the curriculum they offer or the students they serve, RISS offers a genuine and comprehensive coalition of international teachers drawn from across the globe. What unites us is the RISS school culture and our common belief in an inclusive, culturally-diverse, student-centred, enquiry-driven and concept-based education that not only prepares young people for university and life beyond school, but also ensures that they simply love their time being young.

RISS offers a caring community, dedicated to the broad development of all students yet small enough to ensure that all our young people are known and supported as individuals. This is something backed up by our newly revamped pastoral programme led by our tutors. English is our language of instruction and students are also encouraged to study their own language and sit their own language exams. And, of course, Dutch is offered at all levels.

Our recent reaccreditation by both CIS and NEASC underlines that we deliver the highest quality international education and we offer external examinations both with Cambridge Assessment (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBDP). Our students are well placed to enter the many top higher education institutions in The Netherlands and worldwide. We foster a culture of a love for and enjoyment of learning and a joy in achievement. This is inspired by high expectations from our leadership team and all our staff with everyone collaborating to promote collaboration, tolerance, diversity, belonging and a sense of service

Algemene contactgegevens
15KR11 / 15KR14 Wolfert RISS
Bentincklaan 294
3039 KK Rotterdam
Tel: 010-890 77 44
Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS) Junior Campus
Bentincklaan 294
3039KK Rotterdam
Gebied Noord
Tel: +31 (0) 10 890 7744
Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS) Senior Campus
Schimmelpenninckstraat 23
3039 KS Rotterdam
Gebied Noord
Tel: +31 (0) 10 890 7744